Chanalyzer Pro

    Wireless troubleshooting goes beyond packet capture. Traditionally, spectrum analysis was only available to those with really big pockets - then came Wi-Spy. MetaGeek opened the floodgates to enable anyone with professional-grade wireless spectrum analysis hardware and software. With Chanalyzer Pro and Wi-Spy you can:

    • Quickly build powerful Wi-Fi reports.
    • Find and Identify sources of Interference.
    • Record Wi-Fi and Spectrum Data.
    • See how bad the interference was - when it occurred.
    • View a single channel in high resolution
    • Increase 5GHz 802.11n hardware installations

    Chanalyzer Pro screenshot showing default view with an 802.11g signal shown

    Chanalyzer Pro Features

    • Wi-Fi Report Builder: Build a report very quickly with the Report Builder that you can present to clients, or keep for a summary of what happened while you were on site

      Chanalyzer Pro Report Builder

      Chanalyzer Pro Report Builder

      Download a sample report

    • Device Identification: Chanalyzer Pro and Wi-Spy show what you can't see under normal circumstances. Now the software will even tell you what devices are out there and what frequencies they're using.

      Chanalyzer Pro automatic device identification

    • Waterfall Timeframe: Get an instant preview of the RF environment as you hover over the timeframe.

      Chanalyzer Pro Waterfall view

    • Browse by Timespan: You can adjust the length of time using the time span controls, which increase or decrease the length of time you are viewing. You can also click the time frame handle to manually adjust the viewing length. The playback buttons are used to play, pause, jump back, and fast forward.

      Chanalyzer Pro timespan browse

    • Easy Hardware Configuration: Click and Drag Zoom allows you to narrow in on a frequency range to view in higher resolution.

      Chanalyzer Pro quick zoom

    • Device Finder: After click & drag zoom, you can jump into Device Finder mode to track down the source of interference quickly.

      Chanalyzer Pro device finder view

    Feature Comparison against other software

    Click on the link to see the difference between Chanalyzer Pro and other software.


    • Wi-Spy 2.4x or DBx hardware
    • Windows XP SP3, Vista or Windows 7
    • Net 3.5 framework
    • USB 1.1 or 2.0
    • 1024 x 768 Screen Resolution or Greater

    This version is a paid software (i.e. it is not free like the other Chanalyzer software). You can download a 15-day trial. You can then demo the software for yourself before committing to the purchase.

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    1. MetaGeek Chanalyzer 5 Accessory :: Device Finder


      The Device Finder is a 2.4 GHz Directional Antenna that acts as an “RF flashlight” for Wi-Spy. Discovering a transmitting device is as easy as selecting a frequency range in Chanalyzer and following a line. The higher the line goes, the closer you are to finding the source of interference. *Note: This combination of hardware and software license is used in conjunction with Chanalyzer 5

      Learn More
    2. MetaGeek Chanalyzer 5 Accessory :: Report Builder


      Chanalyzer’s Report Builder accessory provides an easy way to create a record of your findings and actions taken to correct issues. Add any and all graphs & tables Chanalyzer displays with just one click, or create custom text and image blocks to your specifications. Exports reports into PDF format for emailing or printing.

      Learn More
    3. MetaGeek Chanalyzer 5 Accessory :: Cisco CleanAir


      Network Administrators can now view 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz spectrum data directly from their Cisco CleanAir-enabled access points with Chanalyzer’s remote analysis capabilities. Chanalyzer lists and displays active interferers, and tracks Channel information including Interference Max Power and Air Quality Index. Connect via a CCF file from Cisco Prime, or directly with an IP address and NSI key. Works with access points in Local, Monitor, or SE-Connect modes.

      Learn More
    4. MetaGeek Chanalyzer 5

      Chanalyzer 5 displays RF data from Wi-Spy spectrum analyzer, showing activity and interference in the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands. Survey and categorize captures with Session Manager. Use Waterfall Navigation to jump to any point of a recording. Optional accessories include a Cisco CleanAir® to connect remotely to CleanAir APs, Report Builder for documenting findings, and Device Finder for locating interfering transmitters. Learn More
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