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    Whether you’re an RF engineer, developer, or just an enthusiast, Chanalyzer Lab provides you with the features you need to test and measure the amplitude levels of a wireless transmitter. Don’t be fooled by the size and cost– a USB Wi-Spy and Chanalyzer Lab can replace that large, clunky spectrum analyzer.

    With Chanalyzer Lab, you’ll be able to tell if the device you’re testing is on the right frequency, and the right amplitude (for those of you who need a quick and easy power meter).

    You have complete control over how Chanalyzer Lab presents you with information:

    • Color live spectrum data by amplitude, density, or utilization
    • Display current, max, and/or average traces
    • Set frequency markers and watch the table update the current, average, and maximum amplitude
    • Amplitude markers help you focus on activity above a certain line
    • Inspector tooltip displays pertinent details at the point you hover over
    • CSV export for spreadsheets / MATLAB

    Don’t Miss a Thing

    Chanalyzer Lab also ensures you capture any RF bursts that may occur. You can fine-tune settings beyond Wi-Spy’s defaults – helping you to catch RF bursts that you could have missed before.

    Your configuration preferences can be saved as presets, allowing you to keep settings for a variety testing scenarios that can be switched on-the-fly. In addition to the presets you create, Chanalyzer Lab provides a library of presets for Wi-Fi channels.

    Look Outside the Lines with Wi-Spy

    With Chanalyzer Lab, you can look for interference beyond the Wi-Spy’s calibrated ranges– a feature unique to this version of Chanalyzer. The bands you examine with Chanalyzer Lab depend upon which version of the Wi-Spy you have. Every Wi-Spy features an RP-SMA connection– allowing you to plug your wireless transmitter directly into your Wi-Spy. From there, you can use Chanalyzer Lab to adjust the frequency ranges, step sizes, and resolution bandwidth to capture and measure your device’s RF transmissions.

    Post-Analysis Options

    When it comes time to analyze your findings, Chanalyzer Lab has all the bases covered. When you open Chanalyzer Lab, it begins saving your data to a recording file right away. Similar to the DVR on your TV, you can “rewind” your recording by using the time span toolbar at the bottom of the application window. Recording files can be made with multiple sessions, each with different settings. Also, you have the option of connecting multiple Wi-Spy devices to Chanalyzer Lab to capture

    In addition to in-app playback, Chanalyzer Lab can export your data to a .CSV file, suitable for export to a spreadsheet application, or a technical computing software such as MATLAB.

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    Technical Details

    • OPERATING SYSTEM: Microsoft® Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP (SP3)
    • MAC OS X VIRTUALIZATION: VMware Fusion, Parallels
    • DISPLAY RESOLUTION: 1024 x 768 (or better)
    • RAM: 2GB (minimum)
    • USB PORT: 1.1 (or better)
    • FRAMEWORK: Microsoft® .Net 3.5 (or better)

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