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    inSSIDer for Android

    MetaGeek re-imagined inSSIDer to help you choose the best channel for your wireless network giving every user on the wireless network better performance. inSSIDer for Android logs channel data for every room in a building to statistically determine the best channel for wireless network performance.

    3 Easy Steps to better WLAN

    1. Select your network.
    2. Walk the area needing wireless coverage.
    3. Press “stop” to see the best channel available.

    inSSIDer will help you pick the best channel for your Wi-Fi.

    inSSIDer considers each of the following factors to rate which channel is the best for your wireless network.

    • Number of networks on the same channel
    • Number of networks on overlapping channels
    • Percentage of overlap
    • Signal Strength of all competing wireless networks
    • Time

    Why does my Wi-Fi Channel matter?

    When you set up a wireless network it will default to a channel – most people don’t worry about changing it.

    However, all of the connected devices like iPads, laptops, or smartphones must then use that channel too. Wi-Fi devices must each wait their turn to talk, so the more devices on a channel the slower the network is for everyone.

    Using the same channel as another network is similar to sharing the internet with your neighbor – when everyone is using it, performance drops.

    To view the channel overlap in your area, swipe to the 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz views. This will show you all of the wireless networks and where they potentially overlap.

    How do I use inSSIDer on Android?

    We’ve made WLAN optimization incredibly easy. The channel grading process begins as soon as the app starts.

    Take your android device and walk the areas where you expect to have Wi-Fi coverage and inSSIDer will statistically grade the best channel for your wireless network.